About MPF

About MPF (Memon Professional Forum)

Memon Professional Forum (MPF), which came in to existence in January 1985, is a prestigious body of professionals belonging to the Memon Community. Today the Forum Membership comprises over Twelve Hundred professionals from various disciplines. The membership cover the entire spectrum, from senior professional occupying eminent position in their respective fields in Pakistan and abroad to young professionals who are in the early stages of their carrier. This gives MPF the Potential for becoming a very strong and representative institution for the Memon Community.

The MPF was formed to foster Networking amongst members of various discipline such as Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Lawyers, MBA’s, Tax Practitioners and any other recognized professional body. The objective of the Forum are comprehensively, spelt out in the Memorandum of Association. Broadly, the objectives are:

  • To develop and organization where professional were get-together and promote unity, cooperation and mutual understanding.
  • To organize programs for professionals development of the members.
  • To provide platform to youngsters to learn and guide them in the selection of professionals by organizing carrier guidance programs.

Affairs to MPF are run by a Managing Committee (MC) which is elected for two years by the members of the Forum. The Managing Committee consisting of 16 members to be elected amongst the members by the General Body from 5 categories as defined below:- 

Article NoCategories
  No. of Positions
Accounts, Finance, Business Administration, Banking and allied Professions /disciplines.
Architecture, Arts, Engineering, Town Planning & Allied professions / disciplines.


Medicine, Dentistry, Pharma, Biotech & allied professions/disciplines
Legal, Tax Practitioners, Insurance, Actuaries & Allied professions / disciplines.
General category


The Managing Committee elects Office Bearers from among its members. The Office Bearers are President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary General, Treasurer.

The MC forms various committees from time to time to carry out several activities of the forum for the year. The Managing Committee for the year 2019-2020 decided to bring in some new ideas to further streamline the activities of the Forum and formation of Committees with different objectives.

The MC feels that continues improvement can be achieved only by implanting new ideas. The Managing Committee also understand that the full benefit of our vision can only be achieved over a longer term and hence this committee has initiated these changed of a basis nature, the result of which will seen over the next few years.

The Forum also has a permanent body in the shape of a Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) consisting of 12 immediate Past Presidents of the Forum. The incumbent President and Honorary Secretary General are additional members of this Board. The responsibility of the SAB is to review long term Planning and to fulfill an advisory role. The existence of SAB serves to make available to the Managing Committee the large and valuable fund or accumulated experience of Past President of the Forum.

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