• Event Dates:29-Jun-2012
  • Chapter:MPF Secretariat
  • MPF - Event Location:MPF House


A valuable seminar to highlight the “importance of social media for branding” was held on 29th June, 2012 in MPF Office from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM. The theme was to understand the concepts of Social Media Tools and its relevance to the professionals and business Entrepreneurs. This event was well attended and started after Namaz-e-Asar with recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Rizwan Usman.

The newly inducted in the MC during the year and Joint Secretary, Mr. Rizwan Usman was the main soul behind the program.

He ensured all logistics, moderated the program, gave welcome speech and introduced all three speakers before the guests. Mr. Somair Abro is a Yale world fellow program 2012, he is BS in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma University, USA, Mr. Abid Beli is social Media Marketer & consultant, he is chief marketing officer at 24x7 online.tv and the third presenter was Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak Ph.D, she
holds doctorate degree and triple master degree, she is an international speaker and is the founder of ALIVE that aim to build Entrepreneurship, applied health practices.

With the help of multimedia the first speaker Mr. Sumair Abro took the word social meaning outside world so basically social media means involving in a group activity. He revived the audience out of their lethargic mood. He explained different types of people. He said, social media can increase revenue as well as can bring revenue down. He gave an example of Kevin Smith, who was ignored in the plane so he tweeted this on Twitter and many people followed, so social media can bring business down as well.

The second presenter was Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak, Ph.D. She showed a video of how she came to live in Pakistan and about her product. She said her product ALIVE gained popularity through Social Media. She also touched the topic what are social media tools, social media tools for professionals, Branding through social media, how to increase your professional referrals, why Social media is a long term, valuable successful resource.

Extending your business brand from your home page into the social media mainstream can seem overwhelming. By identifying the sites that best match up with your core customers, and creating a clear, consistent presence, you can glean new customers, as well as new insights and feedback about your products and services. Slow and steady wins this race, so make the commitment to leave "home" and connect in new and potentially rewarding ways.

Times have changed and one has to acclimatize consequently. It is “Time to go


And final speaker was Mr. Abid Beli, he showed trailer of how facebook, youtube & twitter have progressed through the years & now it’s making $ 7.6 billion. He provided the example of 14th Street Pizza which gained popularity through facebook. He said if we put vacancy for hiring on social media, we may turn up more candidates then advertising though traditional methods.

He also mentioned, we may leverage the use of youtube by uploading success story videos of our memon community icons and legends for new generations to learn from them to continue our legacy of our ancestors in strengthening the memon community.

After the Maghrib Prayers, active question & answer session continued for 45 minutes, which demonstrated not only the active interest of the participants but
also the enthusiasm. Finally, the refreshment was served to the participants and program ended at around 9:00 pm with distribution of shield to the speakers by Ex-President, Mr. Saleem Rangoonwala, Hon. Secretary General, Mrs. Farzana Munaf and Joint Secreatry, Mr. Rizwan Usman. This successful seminar came to end with vote of thanks offered by Mr. Rizwan Usman.
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