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Any member of Memon Community who fulfils any of the following conditions con become a life member of the Forum by paying the prescribed membership fee.

  1. Who at the time of application for membership is or has been o member of (or registered with)
    any one of the following statutory professional bodies:-
    1. Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
    2. Pakistan Engineering Council
    3. Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners
    4. Provincial Bar Council/s
    5. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
    6. Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan
    7. Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan
    8. Institute of Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants

  2. Who is graduate in any subject from any University or Institute in Pakistan recognized by the University Grant Commission and/or who is graduate in any subject from any Foreign University or Institute recognized by the country’s relevant Universities/Institute approving Authorities or the
    Managing Committee consider suitable at the time of application for membership:-
    1. Holds a Doctorate or Masters degree in any subject and engaged in respective profession.
    2. Is a Diploma holder from Institute of Bankers.
    3. Is engaged as an Independent Income tax Practitioner for a period of 5 years or more and is a member of any Income Tax Bar Association.
    4. Is a member of any local or foreign statutory professional bodies equivalent to the same as mentioned in Para (a) above.
    5. Is a member of any recognized society of Actuaries in Pakistan or abroad.
    6. Is holding a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and registered as member with Pakistan Pharmacy Council.
    7. Is holding a Bachelor/Master Degree in Computer Science and having three year experience.
    8. Has passed C.S.S. or P.C.S. examinations conducted by the Government of Pakistan. Every person eligible to be a member of the FORUM and who agrees to abide by the aims and objectives of the FORUM, may be admitted as Life Member of the FORUM on acceptance of his application of membership by the Managing Committee. Each admitted to life membership shall pay an admission fee of Rs. 1000/- and a life membership fee of Rs. 4000/-

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