Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

In order to get benefit from the experiences of the Former Presidents of the Forum and the eminent professionals of the Community and to keep a harmony in the planning and performance of the Forum over year, a permanent Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) is formed.

The Board came into existence after a Thought Provoking Session held on November 22, 2000 under the presidentship of Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon and all necessary amendments in the Forum’s constitution were made to incorporate this newly formed body of MPF to give it a legal status.

In order to discharge the advisory responsibility, SAB keeps under review the long term planning of Memon Professional Forum, its current strategic plan, Bye-Laws and Financial Plans and proposes necessary amendments required in the interest of the Forum in the light of changing circumstances. Such amendments are forwarded in a report presented by the SAB at the Annual General Meeting of the Forum.

Such Amendments include the recommendations for at least three years plans for Financial Projection and Financial Management. The SAB gives special attention in their deliberation to the matters of medium and long-term importance to the Forum, and not be concerned only with decisions affecting only the particular year of office.

The SAB holds its meeting at least every alternate month to review the performance of Memon Professional Forum.

According to the MPF Constitution, the permanent Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) consists of not more than 12 immediate Past Presidents of the Forum. Members of the Board appoint Chairman and Honorary Secretary of the Board amongst themselves except incumbent MPF President and Honorary Secretary General (the additional members of the Board) every year. The members of the SAB may also co-opt there eminent professionals of the Forum. Currently SAB body consists of the following;

Mr. Muhammad Zubair Abubakar


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