President Message

Memon Professional Forum was initiated with the vision to uplift community – making accessibility to professionals for our youngsters easy. Professionals working in diverse areas are always taken on board to make valuable contribution for our Memon community. Moving ahead with the same vision in mind, I and my team will be working on skills development program to facilitate members and more specifically youngsters to assist them intheir career development. Focused and strategically designed workshops will be conducted for technological and soft skills development – promoting self-employment through outsourcing.

This year we have changed the diary to notebook considering its utilization without any restricted time bound calendar year – we hope this change will be appreciated. We have also modified sponsorship categories to encourage more participation from Forum’s members.

To bring sustainability, Forum activities will be capitalizing technology sources like social media marketingalong with website restructuring– idea is to give an interactive exposure to our online visitors and potential members. One of such efforts includes an article coverage by BBC Travel based on Memon Community, and you can even find presence of Memon Professional Forum on this front.You all can access that article via BBC website which was also published in Urdu.

As our Forum has immense and valuable knowledge to share – enhancing the learning experience for our prestigious members and aspiring youngsters. Therefore, we will incorporate an e-publication area where our members will be encouraged to submit their articles and after getting it approved through the editorial board those selected articles will be published through e-publication. All the paid subscribers will have full access to the resources.

Mentoring for youngsters will be offered – it will be highly appreciated if our experienced members can provide them guidance – giving back to our community is our responsibility. Appropriate, strategic and effective timely guidance has changed life of many personalities, this is a time where we should capitalize the strength of our Forum and facilitate Memon youth.

Additionally, this year we are planning to conduct interviews for induction of new members. The vision is to enhance the image of Forum and disseminate information through professionals in their respective decisions.

I along with the managing committee members will be working hard for the long-term sustainability and enhancing the image of our Forum on both national and international levels.

Mr.Shoaib Ibrahim